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A garden must be pleasing to the eyes. With a focal point and beautiful layout, a garden becomes inviting and entices you to enter and experience it.
Once you enter, a garden must reward you with comfort. It should allow you to sit and stay to enjoy the surroundings, or even take a nap with cushions on the floor.
Once you're comfortable, the garden must produce soothing sounds to lull you to rest. Such sounds are created from the bubbling water feature, which will also attract other sounds of nature, such as birds chirping or crickets.
Then, the breeze will carry the delightful scent of fragrant plants. The positioning of these fragrant plants is very important – ideally located beside the seating areas.
Finally, imagine having a cup of coffee or tea in this outdoor setting, gazing at the stars or the full moon, or rejuvenating your soul watching the sun rise. This is what outdoor living is all about?
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