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Jun 2011
Garden In A Flash


An instant garden is popular during such occasions as weddings

IF you’ve ever had to plan an event, you’d probably be familiar with the contractors and vendors who help make your life easier by offering a support network of what I like to call “the instant services” industry.

From canopy and stage builders to caterers (complete with chefs and waiters), this legion of companies can virtually make your event a reality overnight and remove traces of it on the same day.

But perhaps there is one service that everyone seems to have overlooked, in Malaysia at least. This is the instant garden. Now by “garden”, I don’t mean the services provided by a florist. A garden is not just a row of potted palms and ferns, or exorbitantly priced bouquets and wreaths. When I say a “garden”, I mean a lush garden, complete with grass, timber furniture, beautiful landscaping and, of course, awe-inspiring water features and ponds with ambient lighting.

And by “instant”, I mean a landscape that can be set up in a day or two depending on the scale and scope, and packed up quickly once the event is over. The instant garden is a popular concept in the West for events such as weddings, TV shoots, indoor product launches, or even sale of homes.

Dream garden wedding I’ve been to many weddings and I can safely say most people prefer to host their receptions in a hotel, a restaurant or at home.

Only a handful is lucky enough to have a sprawling bungalow garden at their disposal to erect beautiful tents and have a magical wedding celebration surrounded by lush greenery.

You may think a terrace house or semi-detached home is too small for a garden event, especially if it’s a wedding reception and you need extra space for tables and chairs. Now this is where the instant garden comes in. Who says you can’t have a garden wedding in your small home? Don’t forget — an instant garden is geared specifically towards events such as a wedding, so the setup is supposed to fulfil such needs.

You can easily convert your driveway, small garden or even the kerb into one sprawling garden. You need instant grass? No problem. Instant tress with hanging lights? Done. Water features? Of course.

Imagine stepping under a pergola filled with hanging blooms at your front gate and walking into a fairytale setting with lush green plants, ambient lights and bubbling fountains. Nestled within this sublime setup are the tables and chairs for guests.

Instead of renting plastic chairs, the garden itself will provide lots of natural seating such as timber decking, balustrades and benches.

In fact, with careful placement of lattices and plants, you can easily ensure privacy within your compound or screen out areas such as the trash bins.

The best part is, you can have such an instant garden virtually overnight, or two days before the event. A professional garden rental company can set it up without too much fuss, and it’s more cost-effective than investing in a fixed landscape. Once your event is over, you get back your original space. No maintenance necessary. Everything will be restored to its original state.

Selling a home Instant gardens are designed to be impressive and greatly enhance the beauty of their surroundings. So apart from using them for events and celebrations, home owners can also considering renting instant gardens for the purpose of selling their houses.

Consider a vacant lot. Inside, the house is kept relatively neat but how do you impress a prospective buyer that the house can truly become a desirable home? Well, one way is to have a lush, well-maintained garden. But unless you invest time and money in building such a garden and its upkeep, a cheaper way is to rent a garden.

It can be set up overnight and maintained for as long as your house is on the market. Once sold, the new owner has a choice to either buy the garden as a permanent fixture or it will be removed in a day.


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