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February 2012
Flow of the garden


WATER features are the latest trend in landscaping and are a focal point of many gardens.

It is the Year of the Water Dragon and Chinese people believe that the water element promotes new beginnings, and growth.

How do we create a beautiful garden by adding water features? Terra Garden Sdn Bhd managing director Desmond Ho says water is critical to creating a garden. Terra Garden is a leader in designing and building Malaysian-themed landscapes.

“The sound of water soothes and gives positive vibes. Garden owners can also incorporate living organisms (plants and fish) if they have a pond and these attract other small animals,” says Ho. Running water can dramatically alter the feng shui of a place.

There is a fabulous range of water features in the market including cascades, birdbaths and solar-powered fountains.

“Since it is the Year of the Dragon, there are many water accessories available. At Terra Garden, the designs are an interpretation of our culture and crafts, giving them a Malaysian identity,” he says.

The design of this water feature was taken from the pucuk rebung (bamboo shoot)

On the best spot to place water accessories in the garden, Ho says: “In outdoor design, it is important to pick the seating spot before adding other features.

“The spot must be comfortable and away from prying eyes. The accessory should enhance the garden.”

A water feature does not have to be large but it has to be well-positioned for maximum effect.

Adding a water feature in the office is becoming popular.

“It also lends a conducive environment to the workplace by bringing in an aspect of nature. It also helps reduce stress and this, in turn, will increase quality of work.”

You may also consider a small water feature, such as a natural pond to add to your garden atmosphere

Water features are not easy to maintain.

“But if it gives you pleasure, it’s worth the work, which can be reduced if the right filters are used.”

A small pond needs to be cleaned every six months, more frequently if the water feature is exposed to the sun, which results in more algae.

“Installing water features need thorough planning and good design. Many people tend to buy mass produced ones. What may look good in the showroom or your neighbour’s house may not necessarily look good in your house.

“Many factors need to be considered and it is important to hire a professional designer. You need to consider who are living in your house - if there are children and old people - your lifestyle and how you spend time in your garden.

“A well-executed garden is but a skeleton. The house owner must incorporate the soul and give character to it. Add small items from a beach outing or holiday. They will bring back memories when you relax in the garden.

“A beautiful garden without a function will not give any pleasure.”

New beginnings
1. Many believe that the water element promotes new beginnings and growth.
2. It’s important to pick the seating spot in a garden before adding other features. Everything is built around the seating area.
3. Water features with organisms attract birds and small creatures into your garden.

The ambience of gentle water flowing in this Pancuran Water Feature makes a unique addition to any garden

February 2012
Flow of the garden
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