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A common sight greeting new house owners is the bare patch of debris-littered lawn. While we’re never short of ideas on what to do for the interior, what comes to your mind for your exterior?

Here are some pointers to help you get started.

Remember that empty patch of land
Including your garden in your renovation budget almost always pays dividends. The satisfaction and pleasure you get in seeing your lawn beautifully designed is worth the initial costs.

See How to budget for more info.


Nature at your doorstep
Don’t make the mistake most beginners commit in building their garden — trying to take indoor comforts outdoors.

Accept nature as she is. Sometimes it rains (surprise!). Sometimes it gets hot. There are insects like mosquitoes and ants. Plants grow, so does grass. If you have a pond, algae will form, there are no two ways about it.

Once you understand this, you can plan accordingly. Our job is to bridge human conditions and nature to create a harmonious existence.


Find your own style
It’s not unusual to see copycat renovation ideas in the same row of houses. If you see a quaint pergola, or a rock waterfall, someone else down the road is going to copy that.  

If you copy, remember that you’re only copying the style and not the substance. Sometimes you might even copy mistakes without realising it.

Instead, identify your own needs first. How much maintenance time can you afford? Do you have toddlers? Do you entertain frequently?

There are a lot of factors to consider, apart from aesthetics. If in doubt, work with an experienced designer.

If you require trustworthy and professional assistance in planning your garden, do contact us for a free consultation.



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