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Sensible budgeting

People’s ideas of an ‘ideal’ garden vary across the world, but not so for Malaysians who generally want three things: low-maintenance, beautiful, and, most of all, cheap!

Basically there are three areas in which budgeting is involved: material, workmanship and design.

It is pretty much common sense to expect that if you cut corners in any one area, you get substandard results.

So here are some points to consider when you’re budgeting for your garden.


A big part of workmanship is not just the finishing, but the amount of maintenance required.

Poor advice and unskilled construction are the two most common reasons why plants die easily, ponds break down and people give up on their gardens.

What to do? Look for a trusted contractor or company and be wary of workers who say yes to your every request.


Design is a much misunderstood aspect of home and garden style.

It is more than aesthetics, more than function – good design complements your very character, giving you a deep sense of satisfaction. Ultimately, you want a garden for your soul – a place where you want to spend time in.

How many times have you invested in furniture or a piece of art that is collecting dust right now? It’s better to work with highly-experienced designers who know how to tease out intricate details that appeal to you.


Our solution
Be frank with your budget and we’ll find the best way to create your dream garden. That being said, don’t expect a Taj Mahal with a couple of thousand ringgit. Garden ponds with water features are becoming popular even in link houses. Such “water gardens” cost upwards of RM5,000 to build, some ten times more.

Ultimately, how much you spent must be offset by how much satisfaction you derive. A well-designed garden will surely enhance the value of your home, but the personal pleasure that you get from it is immeasurable.

Let us know your budget and we’ll work out a solution for you. Contact us today.



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