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5 reasons why we’re the better option

Modular (No Hacking, No Digging, No Concreting)
Its modular concept is versatile in changing the orientation or position of the garden, add on more to expand your garden and is able to compliment to different house concepts from modern to traditional. What is interesting is that with an existing concrete floor, you’ll be able to enjoy a complete garden.


1 Day installation
With a small garden space for a terrace unit, we only require a day for installation. Our team comes in the morning and you have a complete garden upon returning at night. It’s a hassle free with no worries concept.


Creating Functional Spaces
This garden is specially design according to your lifestyle & personality, to create a space of sanctuary to lighten your daily work stress from the urban city life. This space provides you an option to conduct your daily activities outdoors and provides a different ambiance from indoors.


Low Maintenance
We’ve design this space with minimal maintenance requirements which includes the automated or manual irrigation system that would ease your worries while you’re away and ensure that your plants are healthy to greet you upon your return.


Stress-free Guarantee
Peace of mind may be a cliché but it can never be overrated. If you’re wary of arguing with contractors, receiving bad advice, or getting ripped off, then it’s time to seek out a more credible company. Most of Neo Nusantara products come with up to three years warranty. Contact us for more details.


Originality by Culture
Our original works are inspired by the diverse culture of Malaysians expressed in a garden perspective. The uniqueness of it acts as a great conversation piece in expressing our Malaysian identity to the rest of the world. Find out more about our origin.


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